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Winter 2020-2021 Jewelry Trends

It's winter again with all the great things that bring the year-end holidays into focus. We've seen some pretty practical and impractical winter themed jewelry, and here are our favorites that stand out.

Diamond-Accent Snowflake Necklaces

Snowflakes are usually one of the first things that come to mind when thinking winter. We rarely see them in warmer climates, but snow and snowflakes are unmistakable no matter where you're located. We take these perfect and uniquely shaped crystal lattices for granted with how fleeting they last.
Diamond-Accent Snowflake Necklace
Photo from WildfireBodyAccents
Snowflake Teardrop Earrings
Photo by QueenMeJewelryLLC
The most flashy snowflake designs have a few things in common: they are worn on a very prominent place (earrings) and they have large clear gemstones. The latter being the play on the themes of ice, cold, and the sparkle of light through frozen water.

Snowmen Themed Jewelry

On the more playful side, we've seen snowmen inspired jewelry. Necklaces with that quintessential two or three round balls of freshly packed snow, piled on top of each other in decreasing size from bottom to top. Typically, we see them adorned with that carrot nose.
Snowmen Earrings
Photo by GalateaJewelry

Similar to this category would be seeing jewelry with the following playful themes: reindeer, Santa, penguins, stockings, gingerbread, and mittens. Holiday parties wouldn't be the same without someone breaking out one of these after one too many rounds of eggnog.

Pearl and Ornament Shaped Earrings

Pearls plan on the theme of snow globes and tree ornaments. They also look great for a lot of occasions.
Pearl Ornament Earrings
Photo by MyOnlyChoice
Blue Frosted Earrings
Photo by shadowbornjewelry
The arctic ice blue is a nice alternative to the frosted white theme we've seen.

Snow globe Themed Pendant Necklaces

On the more unique side, we've seen some unique take on the snow globe. Here's one here they take a snow covered mountain at night inside a resin teardrop. The base being actual oak wood that is shaped to complement the resin top.
Snow Covered Mountian Resin Pendant Necklace
Photo by GoldWoodStore

Decorated Scrabble Tile

We weren't kidding when we said we found some unique pieces. The piece was made with a recycled Scrabble tile, and they use a photo imaged sealed with a water resistant seal. It kind of looks like a wrapped gift, or a flask from the thumbnail. This is definitely a conversation starter piece if you like unique jewelry.
Winter Themed Decorated Scrabble Tile
Photo by SugarLaneShoppe

Ornament Bracelets

These ornament shaped charms for bracelets are a pretty stunning in the application of matte sheen of the baby blue to the snowflake around each charm.
Ornament Charms for Braclets and Necklaces
Photo by TracyLittleCharmShop

Icicle Necklace

This necklace plays on the icicle theme with what would work well with a winter themed weddings. The clear rhinestone give the impression of frozen water dangling from this necklace and matching pair of earrings.
Icicle Necklace
Photo by MomentsbyMelody

Hair-Vines and Tiaras

This bridal hair accessory is the most elegant of the ones we've seen so far. It has that frosted winter theme down and the design works for a wedding.
Hair Vines
Photo by IvyandPearlBridal
Winter Tiara
Photo by CrownedByJuliet
Winter themed tiara are especially good at complementing the clear gemstones they are paired with. These pieces stand out beautifully and in line with important celebrations like weddings.

We hoped you like these designs, and we hope it's given you an idea of what winter themed piece to your collection.

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