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Case Studies and Attendee Comments

Dept. of Public Instruction Instructional Technology - June 2005

"Mr. Ozer conducted a two day professional development workshop for 3 of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's IMPACT Schools (EETT Competitive Grant recipients). Jan's presentation was well organized and presented.

He communicated very effectively with the staff and focused his vast knowledge of video production on the specific needs of elementary teachers and students. His support materials were extremely helpful and the hands-on activities helped to reinforce skill development and were lots of fun as well."

Mary Lou Daily, Instructional Technology Consultant, NCDPI


Presented three courses over two days to teachers from three elementary schools in North Carolina. Produced three custom courses:

  • Purchasing equipment and software for a basic production studio;
  • Lighting and microphone usage and shooting techniques;
  • Producing videos with Movie Maker 2 (and introduction to Pinnacle Studio and Sonic MyDVD).

The Movie Maker 2 segment was a hands-on class where all participants produced two projects, a narrated slideshow and a short video. All content was supplied in advance and loaded on all participant's computers. The slideshow was produced first, to introduce basic editing concepts like the storyboard, producing titles and inserting transitions and special effects like pans and zooms. Then the class tackled the video project, which added concepts like splitting, trimming and deleting unneeded clips.

Instructional materials included PowerPoint slide handouts (a total of 161 slides for the two days), and two books, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2 : Visual QuickStart Guide, and DV 101, A Hands-on Guide for Business Government and Educators, both by Jan Ozer. Where appropriate, lessons were cross-referenced to the books to assist retention back at the schools.

Video files were annotated to direct editing (with instructions like "trim this frame" or "adjust audio volume") and presentation and files were supplied to the school system, complete with annotated slide note pages, for further presentations to other elementary schools.

Programs Demonstrated:

  • Microsoft Movie Maker
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Sonic MyDVD

Click here to see an example presentation slide.


Click here to see the slide show produced by the class.

Top Ten Federal Contractor - October 2004 - February 2005

I wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for the training last week. This was one of the most professional, hardworking teams we've ever hosted. They kept the classes focused and productive, and crammed an amazing amount of material into a week. They worked long hours, including coming in over the weekend, in order to ensure that the training was all it should be. 


Provided services for the development and implementation of video-related training for use by a branch of the US government.

MCA-I Chapter - Omaha, Nebraska - February 2004

By far, one of the best seminars I've attended that addressed every question I had on the subjects briefed. It could have been a little longer to cover more material. ... Great presentation and time.

Jan gave us more than our money's worth. He ensured he stayed on-task, and didn't let us stray into other related areas. He managed time well, and is obviously an experienced presenter as well as content expert.


Presented four courses over two days to the Nebraska chapter of the MCA-I, including the following sessions:

  • DVD authoring;

  • Video compression;

  • Streaming media production;

  • Inserting video into PowerPoint.

Classes were supported by over 150 PowerPoint slides, distributed to the class beforehand for note taking.

Programs demonstrated:

  • Adobe Encore

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Canopus Procoder

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (inserting video into)

  • Microsoft Windows Media Encoder

  • Pinnacle Studio

  • Sonic MyDVD

Streaming technologies compared and contrasted:

  • Apple QuickTime

  • Microsoft Windows Media

  • Real Networks RealMedia

Click here to see example presentation slide.

Comments from University of Wisconsin Courses:

     "I like how Jan really knows a lot about DV.  He really is devoted to educating everyone in a non-complicated manner."

     "Great visuals - it really helps to see an example after you've talked about a technology."

     "Instructor was very knowledgeable and extremely flexible to make the course more applicable to our goals." 

     "We will implement from most of what we have learned."

     "It was a benefit to break from the presentation and correlate the information directly to what we do.  Excellent resources provided."

     "Will purchase software, test ideas ASAP." 

     "I really wanted to experience more of a variety of software. Seeing and hearing more about other programs has helped."


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