Align your team for better results.

Imagine all your team goals in one place, with measures of your ability to achieve them, fuelling smarter conversations. That’s doceo.

We exist to create better teams
through smarter conversations.

Be Better Informed

Benefit from enterprise-wide clarity about:

  • what the business aims to achieve
  • which behaviours are most valued
  • how individuals and teams contribute

Minimise wasteful communications. Achieve more with less.

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Coaching for Everyone

Track changes in skills and coach staff via balanced 1-on-1s.

Realtime ratings and feedback result in:

  • holistic picture of individual skills and behaviours
  • motivation via achievement and recognition
  • personal development via peer-to-peer learning

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Smarter Conversations

Doceo tells managers exactly what they need to know, and suggests conversations with people based on:

  • who is on track (or off track)
  • who needs correction or coaching
  • what needs to be started, stopped or sped up

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